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More about Pilates

If you would like to read more about this discipline, the company that taught Jo - Body Control Pilates based in London - explains the basic principles and a more detailed information about the benefits of Pilates.

Johanne Murray has been practicing Pilates for over a decade and is passionate about its benefits. She trained with Body Control Pilates in London and qualified with the John Lloyd Centre Kensington and the Royal Ballet School Kings Cross.

I’d injured myself running cross country and was pretty much unable to walk never mind exercise. Pilates classes were being advertised in the local paper and I thought it sounded easy! 12 weeks of Pilates later I was running again but to my amazement i was running faster and stronger than before and without my usual niggling injuries and so I became hooked and Pilates became a way of life.
Practicing Pilates regularly gives you an awareness of how you stand, sit, walk and move.
Jo Murray

The reason many of us find Pilates so irresistible is that it is a form of exercise that is accessible to anyone, regardless of level of fitness, age or size. With regular practice is has the ability to make you feel fitter, stronger, more flexible and leaner. After even a few sessions most people notice an improvement in their breathing, balance, co-ordination, poise and general wellbeing - both when exercising and as they go about their daily activities

Why the name Cowshed?

- Because it looks like a converted cowshed, but is in fact a purpose built contemporary studio set in a peaceful environment in in whic to practice Pilates. Located in Pillaton, near Saltash, we are 15 minutes from the Tamar Bridge on the Cornwall side.